April 3rd, 2009

DN- L/Light/Misa- *smirk*

Fic: Broken Rose 1/1, DN, L/Misa, PG-13

Title: Broken Rose 1/1
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: possible OOC, death, mentions of suicide
Word Count: 1,136
Summary: Six years is a long time to just watch, to wait, to want...
Notes: This is my contribution to Week #53 Challenge at dn_contest. Hope you enjoy. And as always this was beta'd by my lovely sisters Lissa and Jesse, so direct your complaints to them. LOL.

Six years has changed them all, all except him.


Hope you enjoyed the fic! Don't forget to review... And maybe vote for me.
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Further adventures from the Haruverse

Title: "So I Guess This Is Growing Up" (1/1)
Pairing: Near x Haru
Rating: NC-17. It starts out as gen and then suddenly pronographies. XD
Words: 4500
Summary: It's not easy being 14, even when you're the brilliant and beautiful son of L, Misa, and Light. Includes flashbacks to 8- and 11-year old Haru as well for added cuteness.
Warnings: OC/AU/Futurefic. Semi-shota. Mentions of drug use and sexual abuse.
Note: This story is about Yagami Haru, the star of my earlier fic, L is For Legacy, which chronicles his young childhood. I highly recommend -- no, I insist -- that you read at least part of that story before this. XD And yeah, there will be more Haru fics to come.

Calling all Haru fans ~
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Oneshot: My Enemy, My Lover



Raito, no matter what, would always be my enemy and my lover. (L’s POV)


Author Notes:


I do not own Death Note, sadly. L This is a one-shot in L’s POV. It is in first person and it will be a little fast forward. Some parts do not match up with the anime and it is AU. I hope you enjoy it and please tell me what you think.



Who wants fic?


I pretty much never, ever write for people, because I'm picky with ideas.

However, I really want to write two fics, one Near-centric, and one L-centric. I will write a full (probably about 1000 words) fic for the first person (for each character) to give me a premise I can work with.

I'd like a full premise, really, instead of just a word prompt. Pairings might be implied, but chances are there will not be any heavy pairing going on in either fic. I won't write AU, OOC, or crack, and I won't break any of the basic rules of the Deathnote world. Both fics will be in first-person, present tense. I'm looking for the most interesting, likely and dynamic ideas for these two.

If you have a fic that you've wanted to see, but haven't seen the way you like, go on ahead and list it.