April 6th, 2009


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You know DN never left your brain when you put on the radio, hear Flo Rida's new song "My Lips Like Sugar" and think of L.

*rolls eyes*

Ah well!!!! Haha, anyone know what song I'm talking about?

Someone should def. make a video :p

Since Hella_Toes is awsome for giving information on this.

L change the world

Is going to be here for two nights, dates are April 29th and April 30th. April 29th is for the subtitled version, and April 30th is for the Overdubbed version.

You can buy tickets in advanced or buy at the door.

More information can be found here.


Funny how we use L for a lot of things. <333 much love everyone and hope to see some L fans at Washington Regal 17 Theaters! <333333
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