April 8th, 2009

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Manga vs. Anime

After an interesting "debate" about what characterizes Raito as "in character", I just wanted to ask how the anime and manga differ in their representation.

I've seen the anime and in it Raito comes across as a different person when he is in possession of the Death Note. Without the Death Note he is, I guess you can call with naive because he has a view of justice that isn't realistic, he doesn't seem to know alot about the world and how it works, he is hell bent on being a detective just like his father and is against doing anything that may break the law.

But when he has the Death Note, he is completely different. He'll do whatever it takes to become a "God" and he doesn' have any qualms about killing innocent people if they oppose him. He is a manipulative meglomaniac that doesn't seem to have many morals. Other than that though, he is similar to when he doesn't have the Death Note, because he still has the idealistic view of justice.

My question is, is this different from what the manga portrays?

Mind you I only watched the dubbed version which I'm pretty sure has been butchered to make it televisable. It's really hard to get manga from where I am and most of the time the ones that have been released don't come out in a consecutive order. It defeats the purpose of collecting manga if what you have is chapter 1 and then the next release in stores is chapter 22. It also doesn't help that I can't read japanese and I am generally against reading the online scans.

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DN- L All Cracked Out

Fic: A Little Mad Here 1/1, DN, L, PG-13

Title: A Little Mad Here
Rating: PG-13, for some potty mouth...
Word Count: 2,263
Pairings/Characters: L, Matt, Mello, Near, and mentions of Raito and B.
Warnings: I'm not sure where this came from, I just saw the tea prompt and crack promptly ensued. Well that I just got some very interesting visuals of the Wammy boys in my head... Although I couldn't put L in a pinafore, um don't ask... LOL.
Summary: He gives his head a little shake, brings his thumb to his lip and nibbles on the end of it. Something is coming on the thin, brittle wings of a Shinigami. Such a creature he once believed didn’t exist. He has since seen proof to the contrary.
Author's Notes: Hope you enjoy and don't forget to review!

He’s never understood the appeal of fiction, the promised escape from reality. Fiction has always been just frivolous words contained in pages upon pages of illusion. Then again, even at a young age L has always been a realist.


Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to review!!!
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