April 12th, 2009


Haru fics~

Hey everyone, happy holidays. For those of you following my stories about Yagami Haru, here are the next two installments featuring teenage Haru. I haven't posted either of them outside of my personal journal yet, so here they are. I feel somewhat bad about x-posting stories starring my original characters, so if you have been enjoying these and want to read more, I welcome you to friend my journal. ;)

: "We Don't Need No Education" (Part 2 of teen Haru arc)
Characters: Haru and his high school classmates
Rating: PG-13 for drug use and references to sex, both wanted and unwanted
Words: 2900
Summary: Sequel to "So I Guess This Is Growing Up." If you're wondering what Haru's classmates think of him, just how bad his Ritalin addiction is, the fate of the man who violated him, and the next color he plans to dye his hair, look no further.


Title: “Fever Dreams” (Part 3 of teen Haru arc)
Characters: Ghost!Light x 17-year-old!Haru.
Rating: M
Words: 2000
Warnings: Not-technically-incest, reverse necrophilia, drug use, past rape. Light is also somewhat OOC, but there’s a legit reason for that in the fic.
Disclaimer: Haru is mine. Death Note is not.
Notes: I've wanted to write this pairing for a while, just because it’s so twisted, but it really doesn’t fit with the way I’ve interpreted Light in “L is for Legacy.” So in order for it to work, I had to make it a hallucinatory construction of Haru’s mixed-up mind instead. Poor traumatized baby. :(


(no subject)

Hello. I was hoping that some of you could direct me to some different anime, kinda like death note. I'm sure there is nothing like it out there, but I'm looking for something that will be in the same genre. Mystery, suspense, etc.

Thanks for your time ^_^