April 15th, 2009

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Death Note ReLight?...I thought it was Rewrite

Okay. Whilst browing the internetz I found myself upon Amazon and the directors cut of the anime. This is the French cover I believe but it's the same on the English one.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but I always thought this was Rewrite, as in a Death Note Rewritten [hence the Director's cut]. A ReLIGHT is just stupid, personal opinion, but it changes my thoughts on it.
It's a small thing but it's just another thing about Madhouse that irks me.
tianshan band

Selling giant Death Note Fan Package

For european members - Selling all my remaining DN stuff:

01) Mangas Vol. 1-12 (in german)
02) Vol. 13 "How to Read" (in german)
03) DN Anime Guide (in japanese)
04) DN card game
05) DN Stickers
06) DN Notebook
07) 4 cards from the Konami TradingCardGame
08) DN Purse
09) Mello pencil
10) 2 Mello bookmarks (from Root06 and Tirol)
11) 11 DINA5 cards with Artbook pics
12) Misa Plüsch keychain
13) Matt Nendoroid with accessoires
14) Mello + Misa BobbleHead Figures
15) 2 x Raito Figures
16) 4 Doujinshis (yaoi)*
17) Raito Wallscroll (ca. 75cm x 100cm)
18) 5 DN Artbook-Poster (ca. 42cm x 56cm)
19) Matt Poster (ca. 80cm x 60cm)
20) Mello Poster (ca. 80cm x 60cm)

More infos and pictures here -> http://lumcheng.livejournal.com/143128.html
Thanks for looking.

Nendo problems.

Um I am very new to the whole Nendoroid thingies. but I recently bought three nendos Two L's and one Light (One christmas L one regular. Normal Light)

Well anyway I have issues standing them on their stands.. Light likes to fall... and L well he prefers to sit.

Anyone have any tips on how to make them both stand without them falling?

maybe Light knows I favor L more...
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