May 2nd, 2009

The Love Below - Chapter Nine

Title: The Love Below
Characters: L/Mello/Near; this chapter is Mello-centric
Rating: M
Word Count: ~4,500
Spoilers: For now, Mello and Near's real names. Possibly others along the way.
Summary: Mello and Near are competing for L's title. Are they also competing for his love?

Chapter One-New Arrival Chapter Two-Old Habits Chapter Three-Starting Line Chapter Four-Establishing Motive Chapter Five-Artful Retaliation Chapter Six-Dramatis Personae Chapter Seven-Take Two Chapter Eight-Intricate Recapitulation


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I beg your assistance!

Hello everyone.
I know this is probably a strange request, but at this moment I am so desperate I am willing to beg and plea on my knees. I do apologise if this is against the rules though.

The thing is, I recently lost EVERYTHING on my computer. Unfortunately I put trust in the wrong person, and his computer system crashed (or so he says). I [stupidly] only had the bare necessities backed up, which means that everything else – all my pictures, everything. I am absolutely devastated, and totally inconsolable. A lot of the things that I have lost I don’t know where they come from, and many of the slashy pictures that I had saved came from so many places I don't think I'll ever get them back!

However, because I know the internet is an amazing thing, I am pleading with anyone who has anything that could help me. If someone could link me to a large Death Note gallery, or could send the stuff they have, I would be so happy. I used to have a lot of artworks, but unfortunately I can't remember where I got them.

Can anyone please help me? Anything will be appreciated so very much.

PS – I apologise about any cross posting, but I am quite desperate to recover at least some of the stuff I lost. Please forgive me!
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Fic - Smoke and Ashes, B/Misora

Smoke and Ashes
By Bluegrass Elf, aka Haiku
Pairing: Naomi/Beyond
Warnings: Spoilers for Another Note.
Rating: T

Summary: He was so strange and awkward; Naomi didn’t like him at all. She was only visiting him to make sure he stayed locked up tight. Or so she told herself.

Author's Note: Okay, this is mostly just me exploring these two characters a little, so I apologize if it's terribly OOC. Writing about them is what helps me better understand characters, so there's bound to be a few early pieces that suck. But I hope to write more about these two, as I've found that I really enjoy them both. Hope you guys like.

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