May 4th, 2009

Girl with Owl

An Elephant Never Forgets

Title: An Elephant Never Forgets
Authors: speaky_bean
Characters/Pairings: Near, Linda, L, Multiple OCs (Orphans from Wammy’s House, and members of L’s family.) One-sided Linda/OC, and possible Near/Linda if you squint.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,170
Summary: A few of the orphans who remain alive after L’s death get together to watch a home movie they dug up of L as a child, and they struggle with the concept of L as a human being instead of a golden idol.
Warnings: This story deals with maternal death, so if that bothers you might want to skip the ending.

(His hands, which before his death were used primarily for typing and balancing sugar cubes, were once used to beat one alphabet block against another, and his voice, so eloquent and deadpan before it was cut off altogether, must once have consisted solely of words like ‘mommy’, ‘kitty’, and ‘cookie’.)

The One Alias, part 1

Title: The One Alias
Chapter: 1
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It started with the use of his real name in a government document and would lead to L reconnecting with his two older siblings with a "normal" identity. Playing himself, however, would be just like working undercover with higher stakes.
Characters: L and Watari with my versions of his family members
Word Count: 4,853
Disclaimer: Death Note and recognizable characters belong to Ohba/Obata.
Author's Note: This is my personal version of L's background and family and has no root in canon. Also I have given L an actual first name for story purposes. I am well aware of what his "true name" is in canon, though I have my own theories on his name that can be found here.
Please Read: I cannot stress this enough, this is my own personal interpretation of L and I know everyone has their own interpretation of his background and personality that might be completely different. My only request is for the audience keep an open mind to these ideas.

He had just made peace with something.