May 8th, 2009


Devil's Trill CH15

Friendly update:

Devil’s Trill Part 2 is finished. Yaay!
Chapter 15

If you have no idea what I’m talking about:

Devil’s Trill
When Light witnesses a masterpiece crime of a world-class murderer L, things get a little complicated. Convinced the elusive billionaire Ryuzaki Rue is guilty, Light looks for evidence... apparently in Ryuzaki’s bed.
Chapter 1

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DN- Beyond Birthday- Playing With Fire

Fic: The Sound of Silence 1/1, DN, BB, PG

Title: The Sound of Silence
Pairing/Characters: B (Beyond Birthday), mentions of L and A
Rating/Warnings: PG, mentions of character death, slight violence
Summary: His eyes were a curse, his eyes led to the birth of his destiny...
Length: 735
Author's Note: This was written for this week's challenge at devilsdeathnote!

He remembers the moment the kindly looking old man took his hand, promised him a destiny.

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green tea

Mello cosplay wig still for sale.

Everyone always backs out. :(

Cross-posted to lots of other places. Desperate to sell!

All prices include shipping to the U.S. Please contact for shipping elsewhere.

-medium-length blonde bob wig, used for Mello cosplay (Death Note)
-medium-length black wig, used for Robin cosplay (One Piece)
-One Piece plushies

( Fake cut to my LJ, where all of the items are posted. )

Thanks so much for looking! Please feel free to make ANY offers; I just moved to a new place and I'm desperate for space AND money!
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Fic - Girls On Film - Watari and Kid L

Title: Girls On Film
Author: stk316
Rating: PG. Mention of a penis but that's all
Pairing/Characters: Watari and L
Warnings: Mention of a penis but that's all
Summary: A young L finds a woman dancing on one of Watari's computer files. He investigates further.
Length: 1004 words.
Author's Notes: Just something that came into my head. It's a bit too short but it's all that was coming into my head at the minute. Done for dn_contest 

She was the most amazing woman L had ever seen in his short life. But she would never be his...

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Fic - The First and Last Experiment - Beyond Birthday and Watari

Title: The First and Last Experiment
Pairing/Characters: Watari and Beyond Birthday
Rating/Warnings: PGish. Just a bit of blood is all.
Summary: A more sinister Whammy's House, with a more sinister Watari. In this he wishes to end the life of BB, and returns to Whammy's House after a five year absence.
Length: 939 words.
Done for devilsdeathnote

The First and Last Experiment. The Nightmare Child