May 11th, 2009

  • nayama

Death Note doujinshi on sale!


I put up a huge sale on my LiveJournal some time ago :D I have a few Death Note doujinshi no one has requested yet, so I thought I'd eventually advertise on this community as well...
Most books are gag or slightly yaoi (some are plain shounen ai too). I have quite a few by Dizzy Melon, 2 by Balgus REC and some by 26 Coven street!

Here is the main sale post, explaining how everything works. The links to the actual lists are at the bottom :D

I'm also currently accepting translation commissions (doujinshi or whatever you wish)! :D
If there's something you'd like to see translated, take a look at my commission post here.
Estimates are free of charge! ^^

Thank you for reading, and sorry for the spamming!