May 15th, 2009

DN- Ok fine Mikami is sexy

Fic: Mightier than the Sword 1/1, DN, Teru Mikami/Raito Yagami, R

Title: Mightier Than the Sword
Rating: R
Characters: Mikami/Raito, Ryuk (cameo appearance)
Warnings: Nefarious uses of neckties, ink, and Kira. Yaoi. Angst?
Word Count: 1,020
Disclaimer: Death Note and recognizable characters belong to Ohba/Obata.
Summary: What more of a fitting punishment for the God of the New World, than to turn his own power against him?
Author's Note: Originally I wanted this to be light hearted and kinky, then I had to go and combine two prompts the one from dn_contest which was "Allergy" and the one from devilsdeathnote which was "immoral", and this took a turn for dark and twisted. Oh well, considering I'm swamped with homework right now and avoiding finishing my power point presentation at the moment, dark and twisted is rather cathartic at the moment! Hope you guys enjoy!!! And we all know Mikami really is THAT twisted! :p

Mikami watches as the young man, the earthly vessel of his God, slowly awakens, pulling at his bonds, and then that cinnamon gaze looks wildly about the room before settling on him.


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The 10 Genre Fic Meme - LxNaomi

I did the 10 Genre Fic Meme, and I use LxNaomi as a subject. =3

Author: Me, razzberridust
Rating: G through NC-17
Characters/Pairings: LxNaomi
Warnings: AU/OOC, mention of and performance of sexual acts, short Death Note/SSBB crossover, dark elements, and a fic that you can be a part of! >=D
Word Count: 515 (total)
A/N: The link that Naomi gives L IS clickable and it leads to what she sent L.

HERE at angel_scribbles