May 20th, 2009


The One Alias, part 2

Title: The One Alias
Chapter: 1, 2, 3
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The use of L's real name in a government document lead him to reconnecting with the older siblings he once left behind and possibly a real identity. The emergence of Kira, however, would threaten that carefully built foundation and so much more.
Characters: Generic, yet significant references to Kira and L. The primary characters here are OC investigators discussing a few Kira victims, though the name of one of the investigators will be familiar.
Warnings: Description of autopsy results
Word Count: 2,850
Disclaimer: Death Note and recognizable characters belong to Ohba/Obata.
Author's Note: This is the official second part of a multi-chapter look into my version of L's family and background. I strongly recommend reading the initial one-shot that started this The One Alias.
As a note I did quite a bit of medical BSing here.

Hopefully Kira will at least wait until after Boxing Day to kill any more people in our jurisdiction.

Death Note Fic: Opposites

Title: Opposites

Rating: PG

Pairing?: B x L

Spoilers: Real names are used very frequently. Implied sexual situations.

Number of words: 759 (without author's note)

Summary: B and L are opposites, just like heaven and hell, and they constantly compete against each other. But what will come when L decides that now is not the time to lose?

A/N: This is my very first Death Note fic. I have tried so hard to keep both L and B in character! I really hope that this is not looked at as terrible, because I had so much fun writing this!



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