May 24th, 2009

DN- Beyond Birthday- Playing With Fire

Fic: Kiss the Devil 1/1, DN, B and A, R

Title: Kiss the Devil
Author: C.K. Blake/tempestquill
Rating: R
Characters: L, Near, OC
Warnings: Mature Themes, Melancholy, Angst, Slight Breath Play, Suicide, Allusions to Necrophilia
Word Count: 1,858
Disclaimer: Death Note and recognizable characters belong to Ohba/Obata.
Summary: I lean down, my warm lips hover over his cold ones before I close the distance, kissing him, and remembering him as my first, my most cherished.I am Beyond Birthday.
Author's Note: This is for week 3challenge at devilsdeathnote, and well, I might have lost my mind at this point, thank you B! Hope you guys enjoy!!!

The words are acidic as they fall from my mouth, and I can see the final spark dying in his eyes, I raise my eyes to look at the name and lifespan hovering above his head.


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