May 27th, 2009

Girl with Owl

DN_Contest's Collaboration Project!


Interested in writing with a partner, but not sure how to get one? Come to dn_contest and participate in our Collaboration Project. All you need to do is fill out a short questionnaire, and you'll be paired up with another Death Note writer whose interests match yours. You'll produce something excellent, and maybe make some new friends. It's a contest, so if you win, you'll get a pretty banner. Come on over and give it a try!

This banner was made by hervictory. Those who win the contest will recieve a banner by marshmellooo.
special agent

Death Note + iPhone: No, there is not an app for *that.*

Hi guys!

I wanted my iPhone (which is named Watari, because I am a fangirl) to display the initial of whoever is calling me, the way L's, Mello's and Near's computer screens do. So I found a font like the one they use and made iPhone wallpapers/contact images for all 26 letters.

The wallpapers/contact images are here at my public Photobucket.

For photos of how they look on the actual phone and instructions on setting a wallpaper and assigning images to contacts, follow the link to my Dreamwidth post.

Sorry if I'm the millionth person to come up with this. It's a very simple idea, it just appealed to me. :)