June 8th, 2009

Dangerverse: Draculoid

eps 1-3

this is my friend time posting here.

Comment and credit, please.
Icons without text aren't bases.

Post Contains:
x23: Rebirth
x10: Confrontation
x10: Dealings


The rest can be found HERE @ zeeexito

Question about DN merchandise + some icons

I've got some extra money and want to expand my Death Note collection a bit, so I was wondering if you guys knew any reliable, reasonably priced places online to purchase Death Note things outside what can be found at FYE/HotTopic/etc. Any help would be lovely~ <3

Also, since I feel like I've been a total moocher to this community, I decided to delve into the realm of graphic making and as a result here are some poorly made icons (and I apologize in advance for their horridness, I'm completey new to this stuff). XP


No need for credit or anything like that, but any words for improvement would be nice. ^^