June 21st, 2009

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Shameless Selling of Death Note Goods.

Hello Everyone!

In order to have a grand Otakon(anyone else going and/or cosplaying as Death note characters this summer?), as well as to pay of my College loans, I am doing some downsizing of my figure collection, please take some time to look at what I'm offering, I assure you you won't be dissapointed...

What I'm selling:

+Medicom RAH Doll of Misa Amane. 1/6 scale, and super rare :o! ( as compared to the new 'Bondage' Misa Amane figure...). I'm selling it straight up for $135, but trust me, you're getting your money's worth. It's in Brand New Condition with all original packaging.

As well as,

+a BEATIFUL Death Note Box, which contains Nears Finger Puppets as well as the Japanese vol.13 'How To Read'. I'm selling this for $35.

I'm listing them on Ebay, but if any of you want to jump in before I leave it to the masses tomorrow, please feel free to comment!

Pictures under the Cut:

Collapse )

So, any of you going to otakon/cosplaying this summer as DN characters? Personally, I'm going as Matsuda to Otakon, so be sure to catch me :)!.
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[Cosplay] Death Note Cosplay fun09

My friends and I had a little too much fun. This is our crack Death Note photoshoot. :) *embarrassed*
We hope to share the joy! :D Please enjoy.

夜神 月 (Yagami Raito) - minachiko
エル・ローライト (L Lawliet) - mana_blue_rose
ネイト・リバー (Near, Nate River) - ken_smind


Main: ken_smind (Big Thank You!)
Sub: minachiko; mana_blue_rose

death note

Come and Eat this Potato Chip!! XD

Just a question about an artist.

Okay, there is an artist, Mitsumikan. I believe that they are the artist responsible for the LxLight doujin game "Bound Prince." (Kinbaku Ouji)  An example of the art is on my icon, if you would like to see more, please go to their site, here.

My question is: Does the artist have any doujinshi by them? Or do they just do games?

If this is not allowed, please tell me and I will take it down.