June 24th, 2009

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Matt's gun

hey there, awesome people. i have a question and possibly a request. in the anime (because this scene does not exist in the manga), in the Takada kidnap scene, did Matt have another gun besides the gas/smoke gun in the back of his jacket? (that is, i know there was a gun in the back of his jacket, but i don't know if it was the smoke gun or a conventional handgun.) if so, could someone please provide me with a screencap? thanks, everyone! much love.

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screencap acquired. thanks!
l phone

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Title: the bells put out their tongues

Fandom: Death Note

Pairing: Light/L

Rating: Strong R to NC17

Notes: L's last 24 hours. Including, but not limited to: sex, copious use of flashback, the insufferable ringing of bells, accidently-on-purpose broken cell phones, waffles, tapioca pudding, donuts, cake. Then, possibly more cake. Then, possibly more sex. 

the bells put out their tongues 


L Vinyl Decal

Hi everyone!

I have a friend who makes and sell vinyl decals at local street fairs. He will soon be making special Death Note L Vinyl Decals in multiple colors. They are easy to apply, just make sure the surface is smooth and clean. You may choose from any size between 3~6 inches in height. Prices are from $2.99 to $3.74 ($0.25 difference depending on size). Let me know if you're interested in customizing one. =)

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