July 6th, 2009


Searching for a Fic


I'm trying to find a Death Note fic I read some time ago.  It is a Light/L fic, but also has some Light/Mikami. Light chooses to give up the death note in order to be with L, but L then leaves.  Light goes on to work in the Japanese police, eventually becoming the chief.  He also gets a boyfriend, Mikami.  Then Kira starts killing people again and L comes back to Japan.  Eventually, Light finds out that Mikami and Misa are acting as Kira and he remembers that he was Kira.  Light still loves L, so he writes Mikami's name in the death note making him confess and leaves the death note.  Then Light escapes and leaves Japan.  He gets a fake ID from Mello who's running the mob and becomes a doctor.  He continues to hack into L's computer, forcing L to find him.  Then they meet up again.  I believe this is a completed fic.



 So, I'm in the midst of writing my first MelloxMatt fanfic, and I have a couple of questions that need clearing up. I would be very grateful if somebody could answer them.

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The fic will be posted soon, just so you know. 
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