July 10th, 2009

L sit

Things Death Note characters would never say

- L :  "Actually, I think Yagami Soichiro is the real Kira."

- L : (to Light) "You're my first friend love."

- L :  "I don't know anything. Why don't you ask Watari?"

- L :  (On the phone talking to Watari) "Yes, get me some sour plums.  No, forget the strawberry cake.  No, I am not pregnant."

- L:  "I am L... Lawliet"
  Light:  "Could you spell that, please?"

- L: "No thank you, I think I have had enough sugar for one day, I am trying to watch my diet. Go greens!!"

- Near: "I just want clothes for Christmas."

- Near: "Does my hair make me look older?"

- Mello: "Near, you're the best. I was stupid to think I could beat you."

- Misa: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

- Mello: "If I keep picking this scab on my face, it will never heal!"

All:  "Bug me on Facebook."
Matt: "Nintendo sucks"
Mello:  "I hate chocolate"
Near: "I hate toys"
L: "I hate cake"
Light: "I hate potato chips"
Matsuda:  "I'm a genius!"
Aizawa:  "Matsuda is a genius"
Ide: "I am such an important character"
Soichiro:  "I hate my job"
Sayu:  "I know all about math"
Misa:  "Light is evil"
Ryuk:  "Mommy I'm scared!"

. . . 

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