July 11th, 2009


Trading/Selling: Death Note manga Volume 3

Hi fandom,

So I have two copies of Volume 3 (random, I know), and obviously I only need one. ^_^  I am willing to trade one of them for a good-condition Volume 10, 11, or 12 or Another Note.   I realize it's unlikely anyone has extras of the later volumes and not #3, but i figured, why not ask. Apologies for obnoxious sales post. ^^; Also willing to sell for $7.00 shipping included, but I'd rather trade.

  • sueona

Arise Again Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note.

Warnings: Smex, angst, character death.

Pairing: L/Raito, Raito/L.

Summary: Sequel to ‘New Addiction’. L and Raito have started their relationship. When the past comes to haunt them, will they stick together or will it pull them apart for good?

Notes: Thanks for the reviews/comments for the first chapter. Here is the second chapter, hope you enjoy it. Please tell me what u think.