July 14th, 2009


Hi, death note fans!

I'm new to livejournal and this community, so i hope that you and i can get along and play nicely :D

Anyways, i'd just like to share some thoughts, and start a discussion on the future of death note...

Now, since most of the characters in deathnote are *spoiler?* dead, it would be somewhat hard to continue the series (unless you want the main characters to be near and matsuda). Most people also agree that the series kinda went a bit downhill during the it's second arc (not that it wasn't good, just not as great as the cat-and-mouse game between Light and L).

Hmmmmm...so continuing death note seems like an impossible task...OR IS IT?

I propose a new manga - which will later on be turned into an anime - about L's past cases!
Lets face it: L is probably one of the most popular death note characters, and we know almost nothing about his dark and mysterious past. also, the manga could have more than one main case (unlike death note) which would increase it's longevity! There would be more characters (maybe even the reappearance of characters that were offed like naomi missora, BB, watari etc.) and more character development!


Would you like to see a new series based on L and his past cases? Discuss!
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Funniest ways to annoy the characters

Funniest ways to annoy L :

- Whenever he's sitting in his wierd way... push him over and run

- At the end of his every sentence, yell: "JUSTICE!"

- Lock him and Mello in one room and place a single piece of chocolate in there

- Take him on a surprise trip to the dentist!!!

- Call him every other letter in the alphabet except L

- When doing his laundy, throw in a red shirt all of his white shirts will be pink

- Narate his every move in the most dramatic voice ever

Funniest way to annoy Near :

 - Ask why he dyed his hair

Keep the fun rolling!! .. XD ...