July 18th, 2009


LABB Event.. please delete if this post isn't allowed...

Attention all BB and L fans LABB fans. seme_l is hosting an event for the LABB event. I would love to see participants; this is not a contest so no need to rush no deadlines to meet. Those that want to see the rare pairing of Seme!L x Uke!BB please come to Seme_L I am sure you won't be dissappointed when it finally kicks off. Writers and artists are welcome to take a word from the thirteen lists I have and either write or do a drabble, or you can team up with someone and do a collab. For those that would like it I can assign you a letter or a word to work with.

Choices are up to everyone but the event won't get off unless there are people interested.

(I apologize if I don't make sense.)

Now if I can only do sparkles and big bold thingies... we would have fun. XD

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