July 19th, 2009

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My fanfics (MxM)

Long time I didnt post my work so I thought I'd make a global post ^^

(Global warnings : real names, swearing, yaoi and all the like...)

Ongoing :

- Et Cetera (rated M)
Matt X Mello, a few Light X L, BB, Near. What if two people are so much meant to be together that Gods fight over their lifespan ? How much can mind take before nervous breakdown ? How much can a body take before dying ? (happier than it sounds !)
(17 chapters so far)

- Lithium (rated M)
Matt and Mello from birth to their twenties, together in childhood, cruel separation, the search for each other, through orphanages, asylum, rapes, violence... How life can try to kill you from the inside and someone can still make you feel alive...
(8 chapters so far)

Complete :

- Impurities (oneshot, rated T)
Impurities... they had led Mello to make a decision. Because this time, he wanted something for himself, not to prove anything to anyone. Because, he had changed his mind. Because he wanted to be, not better than someone else, but better for someone else.

- MarshMello (5 chapters, rated M)
Why does Mello suddenly changes his habits and eats marshmallows ? What's that awkward atmosphere growing between him and Matt ? Switching from Matt to Mello's POV, see how they live their hidden feelings and how they will end up in funny situations !

Future fics :
(you can subscribe to author alerts on fanfiction.net to know when these will be posted, or add me on LJ, because I honestly don't know when I will ^^)

- Stay Tuned
"Promise me Mello, if we get separated, we'll find each other no matter what." Matt whispered, caressing the strings of his guitar. "If I can't find you, then you'll have to become a rockstar just so I see you on every fucking music channel" Mello replied, smiling.

- MattMallow
Sequel to MarshMello !

[req] death note parody

i dunno if anyone ever heard 'bout this and i think many people won't like it but some time ago there was a freaky cool death note parody by a user called matthew fish on youtube but it was deleted because it was how i said, really freaky ^^" ...
i'm searching for the parody for a while and i hope that somebody could help and tell me where i can find the episodes please ;_____; ...
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Arise Again Chapter Four

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note.

Warnings: Smex, angst, character death.

Pairing: L/Raito, Raito/L.

Summary: Sequel to ‘New Addiction’. L and Raito have started their relationship. When the past comes to haunt them, will they stick together or will it pull them apart for good?

Notes: Thanks for the comments/reviews. I hope you enjoy this chapter. Please tell me what u think.