July 22nd, 2009

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Arise Again Chapter Five

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note.

Warnings: Smex, angst, character death.

Pairing: L/Raito, Raito/L.

Summary: Sequel to ‘New Addiction’. L and Raito have started their relationship. When the past comes to haunt them, will they stick together or will it pull them apart for good?

Notes: Thanks for the comments/reviews. I hope you enjoy this chapter. Please tell me what u think.





Now About Kira... (Some Random Thoughts)

I've always thought of the Kira worshippers in the anime/manga essentially as members as a personality cult, but re-visiting the series, it's quite questionable as to whether his cult members obey him out of fear or out of a genuine respect and understanding of his ideals (Mikami and Takada, for instance). I personally think that most agree with him out of fear (the U.S. President as portrayed in the series) and the ones who supposedly agree with his ideals give me the impression that they don't fully understand what these ideals are anyway (the host of Kira's Hour and Kira's self-appointed spokesperson (Hitoshi Demegawa, I think), for example. What do you guys think?

Also, I think Light calling his "New World" a crime-free utopia is completely ironic, largely because it's going to be one dystopic world when Kira finally becomes King. He's hardly going to be a benevolent dictator; for one, he's already deluded enough to deem himself a god, and to be frank, I've always thought that his so-called "judgements" were very much influenced by his own prejudices and self-interests (the SPK and the FBI agents, for instance were killed because they were seen as a threat; what he's doing is hardly different from the Yotsuba group in this respect-- you could call it a global takeover, of sorts). Furthermore, the crime-free world he props out is simply going to be a place where everyone is just too damned terrified of Kira, and even if all major crime is eliminated by him, it is very likely that he'll find new crimes tp punish, because going by his train of thought, any kind of earthly scum should be eliminated. Oh, and of course, there's always the possibility that Kira might turn paranoid and deal out "justice" to his "enemies" because that much power tends to do things to people (history is a great source of batshit nuts dictators, see: the Khmer Rouge's Pol Pot, for instance). So, yes, crime-free utopia? I think not. But maybe someone begs to differ?

And finally: Kira is presented by the mangaka as seemingly infallible, but there has to be some criminal (or several), who was somehow "misjudged" by Kira, right? For example, some information released posthumously might have revealed a supposed criminal's innocence-- it's been known to happen, after all. How do you think Light/Kira might respond to a situation like this? Would he have doubts about what he was doing? Or would he have laughed it off because he was that deeply deluded about his own infallibility?

And that's it. I'd love to hear your opinions.
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