August 10th, 2009

  • stetnee

A quick question about the shinigami afterlife.

One of the rules is that the human who uses the Death Note goes to neither Heaven nor Hell, right?  Basically their soul goes to limbo, if my understanding is right. (If it's not, please feel free to correct me.)

Is it ever said what happens to a shinigami when s/he dies?  Do they even have souls in the first place? or do their bodies just crumble into nothingness, leaving nothing, not even a soul, to go on?

  • stk316

Fic - Just A Boy - KidL vs KidB [sortof]

Title: Just A Boy
Pairing/Characters: KidL, KidB, Watari
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: From L's point of view. L thinks back of when he first entered Wammy's and seen B. The two did not get along because he was L.
1163 words.
Author's Notes: I'm in two minds about this one. Some of it, to me, feels really disjointed and stuff. Probably not my best but to be the judge. Comment so I can improve!

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