August 13th, 2009

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i'm looking for the "sequel" to this picture. it's of Matt and Near standing by the sink, seen from behind. it's one of my favourite pieces of fanart, and i didn't get to save it before the artist took it off the page :'( could you help me?
i'm not going to re-post it anywhere without the artist's permission, i just want it to look at.
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I'm sorry to post one of these "where is it?!" posts, but I'm kind of distraught here! I was going through some of my favorite Death Note fanfictions and found out that fox_in_exile's LJ had been purged. She had a Mikami/Light series entitled: Becoming Useful, Atropos, Forsaken, and Redemption. They were seriously some of the most talented writing that I've ever seen... I tried looking for them on Google but with no luck.

Does anyone happen to know of somewhere else where she may have posted? Or even have them saved somewhere? D:

If this is too spammy, I'm sorry mods!