September 18th, 2009

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Heyy! Ok, thanks everyone for helping me find the human!ryuuk pic and now I've got one more request. It's a little weird, but I wanna use it for an idea. Is there any fanart (that is similar in style to Obata's drawings) of Light and L as girls?

I knooow, weird! But lemme know if there are any plz. kthx!
userpics suck on lj

Everybody Dies: Chapter One

Title: Everybody Dies: Chapter One
Author: graceasaur
Pairing: None. Brief mention of Chase/Cameron.
Rating: PG-13
Words: 2,500
Summary: Soon after Cameron leaves him, Chase is only seeing one thing; anger. Things change drastically when he finds a notebook entitled 'Death Note'. What will happen when he discovers its power? Will he ruin himself for everything good in life or save himself from a life without?
This Chapter: After finding an old notebook, Chase snaps and realises what he's found. With a price.
Warning: Major character death.
Note: This is a Death Note/House M.D. crossover. You do not need to know both shows to follow the story.

Is there any other Death Note or Chase comms I should post this to? Thanks for the help. :)