October 7th, 2009

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November is fast approaching and that means National Novel Writing Month. Google it if you don't know what it is, but basically there's two versions.
Version 1: Write a 50k word novel by the end of the month.
Version 2: Set a word count goal for your novel and complete it by the end of the month (I'm doing 10k).

My novel is going to be a fanfiction AU with L and Beyond Birthday as twin brothers (Check my profile for more info on the fic) and I'm a little stuck on one part as I was outlining my chapters. I need help with L and BB's childhood at Wammy's House. Maybe you have an idea for a Wammy's House fic that you never wrote/read but would like to see? I still haven't decided if it's going to be just L, BB and A at Wammy's House or if it's going to be filled with children but I guess I'll decide after hearing some of your ideas.

Like I said above, I need prompts/ideas/suggestions for L and BB's childhood at Wammy's and I will credit for any ideas of yours I use. Somewhere between Chapter 5 to whatever chapter the boys leave Wammy's House. Thank you for your help and I cannot wait to discuss ideas with you. :D

On a less urgent note, I'm also looking for an artist to do the cover art for my fic. ;)
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Picspam from the musical

 Still no proper vids, but I come bearing a cosplay picspam of photos taken from the first performance of our Death Note musical.  (Tomorrow are our last two performances; hopefully we'll get some more awesome pics from there)

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