October 17th, 2009


Light Speech Transcript?

Hey guys! I need to ask a favor of those more fluent in Japanese than I!

Okay, so, in my Japanese class, we have a project where we can do either karaoke or act out a scene in a manga, anime, or Japanese drama.

So, being the Light fan I am, I have chosen to act out Light's speech in the last episode (in cosplay and including the laugh. T'will be epic!). However...I need some help. I can't find a transcript of his speech in the original Japanese anywhere! I can only find dub or translations! So, could someone possibly give me or write out a transcript of the speech (from his laugh all the way to the point where Near interrupts with his 'No, you are just a murderer.')?

I'd like to have both a Hiragana version and romanized version, if you could. Please keep kanji to a minimum (if you must have it in there at all) for I'm only in Japanese I and haven't learned much kanji yet.

I really hope someone can help! I have to have this memorized by Thanksgiving!

Birthday Project

For those who are helping me with L's Birthday Project, I have updates! Iv'e decied to use the German Site instead. The English site is very hard for me to understand since I'm not an English Speaker. Don't worry I'll make sure to Translate the site afterwards. The Deadline is October 25.  If you would like to help now is your chance.
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