October 23rd, 2009

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Another Note + some BB fanart

Just a liiiiiittle left to Halloween....(yeeeeah hooray for Halloween!!!!)  ....n soooo I decided to post this one.If you haven't bought the novel itself, this may save some money(so u can go n buy a Halloween zombie L costume instead!lol!Also light died in the end didn't he?so it might as well be a zombie light!... spooky!)
nn by the way most of the internet versions of it(n when I say most seriously I mean nearly all of em!)are in spanish for some reason,so it may save some good damn time as well! :)

OK here looks like I've offended quite a lot of people n maybe mainly because of my words rather than sharing this.Sooo everyone who does have access to the book plz plz plz even if ur downloading this(or downloaded it), later buy the original one to support the author(n also by doin this u really really have my gratitude).(As for me I really don't have access to any kinda bookstore that sells these kinda suff but if u can buy it plz do.) (plus It's a nice book n my version is just a crappy text so u better buy it anyways)
so basically I'm gonna remove the link but if u really want it simply send me a messege explaining ur situation "regional limitations or blah blah blah I'll gladly help)

Another Note - The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases (pdf file)

Download link:   removed due to ummmm (read the above text plz)

I'm also sharing some of ma BB's pics that I liked the most.(some of em are from artists from deviant art so u may as well want to visit the site)
(n none of them r done by me n Im simply sharing so just thanks for their great work)
Beyond Birthday fanart : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dxgikzgm2mi

n by the way L's birthday's comin yeeeah!!! :D

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