October 28th, 2009

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Alright seme_l fans we have just begun the voting for this year's Halloween contest and need voters! More information can be found here

We have two contestants this year and I'm happy to pimp them out!

batty_angel is one of our contestants she has submitted rare L x Mello fanart and for fans of her she needs your support to vote for her!

We also have dark_waterlily and her L x Light entry a doujinshi. She has submitted tale 6 All Hallo's Eve out of her doujin. For voting information. Fans for dark_waterlily show your support for her and vote!


With that said please vote for your favorite! comments are screened but please vote! One vote per person please!
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[X-Men] building something better


Title: Last Call
Author: Neva
Words: 525
Characters: Matt, Mello
Rating: PG13 for strong language.
Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note.
Summary: There's one last mission, and only one thing to do before taking it on.
Notes: Set during Episode 35

My adoring son

This is a preview and also a tribute to L's birthday. The full post will be on my website on Oct 31. (Time Zones may vary)

Title: My adoring Son
Info: It focuses around Watari and L talking about L's mother and what happened when he was a young child.
Characters: L, Watari, Light, Matt, Mello, and Near.
Rating: PG-13 (mild Language)

I apologize for any spelling errors. I'm a German speaker.

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