November 10th, 2009


RP Partner Please?

If not allowed, you can delete this.

I posted this to an RP ad community and haven't gotten any replies there yet, so I thought I'd spread it around.

My Light-muse is quite demanding when he's active, so leaving him alone usually drives me nuts, lol. So, I usually take him out to play whenever possible, but most of the people I used to RP Death Note with have either moved on to other fandoms or have very limited access to the internet right now. So, I'm looking for new RP partners, preferably over AIM or text instead of livejournal as I can reply to AIM and text mobile-y and it's just much more convenient.

Do not hesitate to IM me when I'm mobile! I check my text messages all the time and have unlimited text. It's a very convenient way for me to RP. :)

Anyway, here's the RP ad:

Name: Heather
LJ: sorakachan
MSN/AIM/YIM: AIM: Sorakachan, MSN: (Never e-mail this address, I never check it)
Timezone: Eastern US

Series you RP: Right now I'm primarily looking for Death Note.
Characters you RP: Light, BB, Matsuda
Characters you’re looking to interact with: Most anyone, just ask. My preferred couples are Light/Matsuda (usually one-sided), Light/L, Light/Ryuk (Yeah, I know, you can shoot me if you like), Light/BB (if anyone can figure out how to make this work, I'd love you forever), BB/L, BB/Mello (usually one-sided or little boy crush type things). I also RP a lot of other couples, just suggest what you'd like.

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: I prefer angsty stuff and storylines that have a lot of plot even if there's a lot of smut. There doesn't need to be a lot of smut, I just prefer a good plot over a PWP so if there is, be prepared to back up the sexual experiences with a good amount of plot.

Do you smut?: Yes, if we don't RP the smut even in a primarily plot-based RP it feels wierd.

Is there anything else you would like to add?: No OCs please. :( Sorry. Also, please be accepting of short replies. I have a busy schedule right now so short replies are preferable. Also, when playing Light, I prefer to play him with memories in tact. I can play him otherwise, but it's just preferable to play the cold, sociopathic bastard the way he truly is.

Video Editing Help?

Some of you guys may remember this post.

Well, I need some more help, but this time from the creative side of the field. Basically, I don't have any good video editing programs. I have windows movie maker and that's it. Since I'm perfectionist about most everything, I'm hoping someone out there can help me with my project and edit the video so it looks as close to the original as possible. I'm primarily concerned with the times that Light's eyes are red. I do not have red contacts (I actually don't have brown contacts right now either, but hopefully they'll be here in time..if not, you may have to edit my eyes to be brown the entire video as well) and I definitely have nothing to make my eyes GLOW like in the laughing scene. Right now I'm trying to find someplace that looks like the inside of the warehouse (or at least has the right lighting and backdrop) and it'd be a HUGE help if this stress could be off my mind. I'm already mostly done memorizing the speech, thank god, but it's the little things that are bugging me (a bit OCD, forgive me ;_; ).

So, is there anyone out there with Vegas or some similar program who could possibly do good video editing on a deadline? Preferably without pay as I'm currently struggling to just have enough money for the contacts and a used suit from Goodwill, which is saying I'm basically broke. Since I haven't got all the supplies yet OR the backdrop, you'll likely have to work fast. The video has to be done by Thanksgiving and I'll work hard to get my part done fast enough for you to have enough time for editing. I can likely splice the scenes together correctly if you can just do the special effects. It would be a GREAT help.