November 15th, 2009

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Fic: Stay With Me (Mello/Matt/Hal)

Title: Stay With Me
Summary: Mello needs mothering; Hal provides beer; Matt tells the truth.
Rating: R
Warnings: Implied sex, drinking
Pairing: Mello/Matt/Hal
Disclaimer: Death Note does not belong to me.
Author’s Note: One day I will write fic for my OT3 that does not involve alcohol. But not today.

Mello and Matt are in the habit of appearing at Hal's door at odd hours, so when Hal finds them in the hallway at eleven-thirty on a Tuesday night, she is hardly surprised.

Death Note got its own shoujo manga.

With great amusement, people at 2ch have noticed a recently released shoujo version of Death Note called "Hal" (pronounced Haru, like Halle Lidner).
The main girl looks like a female (and shoujo style) version of Light, and she meets a shinigami (bishounen this time) in very similar circumstances. The plot seems to also involve she wanting to kill people with the help of her shinigami.

If you scroll down in the link I posted above, you'll find bigger versions of the pages. I'm not an expert in the first arc, but I think that some of those panels look really similar to some Light and Ryuuk scenes. The Shinigami is also seen reading Jump magazine in one of the panels.