November 16th, 2009

L sit


Sorry for my rudeness.

I'm a fan of L's fan page on FB:

FB threatens to shut down our page unless we authenticate it. Here's the warning message:

"You must confirm this Page's affiliation with the brand, company, person, or entity that it represents. Please take one of the following actions:

1. Link to your Facebook Page from your official website.
2. Add an email address to your account or another administrator to your Page who has an email address that is officially affiliated with your company or a company authorized to manage your brand.
If you are unable to authenticate your Page in the next three weeks, your page will be closed."

The admins have tried many verification methods but FB didn't respond. Viz can't help us, either.

We have 3 options -- any suggestion/idea is appreciated -- I'm thinking that if any of you have a Death Note/ Lawliet website, you can help by linking our page on your site :

1. Add a badge or a Fan Box widget to your website that links to your Facebook Page.
2. Add an email address to your personal Facebook Profile that is officially affiliated with the entity of your Page.
3. Add another admin to your Page who has an email address that is officially affiliated with the entity your Page represents.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Awaken Chapter Six

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, if I did L would still be alive.

Warnings: Angst, character death.

Pairings: L/Raito

Summary: The one night, L was meant to die but he didn’t. Why is L still alive? What will happen to Raito since L is still alive?

Notes: Thanks for all the reviews/comments for the story so far. I hope you enjoy this chapter. Please tell me what you think.

Fic Dump: 4 Death Note Drabbles

Tiny fic dump of 4 drabbles for your enjoyment~ Centered mainly around the Wammy kids :3

You can find all of them here @ redcandystripes

•••[01] (dis)belief
••Near + Mello [G]
Summary: When acceptance is too hard to handle, disbelief is always easier. [175 words]

•••[02] Trust
••Mello + Matt [G]
Summary: It wasn't a matter of trust. Or maybe it was. [180 words]

•••[03] Shadow
••Near + Matt [G]
Summary: All shadows are one and the same, and they all know your secrets. [177 words]

•••[04] Light Yagami
••L/Light Yagami [PG-13]
Summary: Light was exactly like no one L had ever met before. Except maybe for himself. [311 words]
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