November 26th, 2009

Pride & Prejudice

Twisted Wishes, anyone?

Apologies if this isn't allowed, but they were doing it over on all_he_ever, and since we don't need an AU to have severely messed-up characters, well...

Basically, you post a wish that one of the DN characters might want. Then someone else, as another character, grants it- but so that it turns out badly.

For example:

L: I wish for an endless supply of sweets.
Light: Done, but they rot all your teeth and the pain renders you unable to think coherently. I wish Ryuk would stop following me around.
Rem: Granted, but where Ryuk goes the Death Note goes. You lose it, but don't lose your memories, leaving you stuck and powerless. I wish that Misa would be kept safe.
Ryuk: Fine, but she'll be depressed and bored for the rest of her life.

And so on. Remember to put character names in the comment subject line, and off we go!

(Oh, and there can be more than one response to a wish. Just to clarify.)