November 28th, 2009

Death Note

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Footage For Project?

Hey guys! You may remember this post and this post.

Well, I'm almost done! But now I come asking for help once more. However! This one will likely be more fun than those other two subjects AND there's a certain deadline to it.

So, I need two types of footage from anyone willing to participate. I need this footage by Wednesday, December 2nd, at the latest, so I'm REALLY depending on you guys.

During the speech, Light has flashbacks to different points around the beginning of the entire anime/manga. He remembers his classmate playing with a DS during class, he remembers that guy from his prep school complaining about how his mother is always late, and he remembers the crowd of men around that girl about to rape her. Can anyone re-enact these scenes as best as possible or at least something similar and send me the footage?

Next, we have dramatic death scenes. Since I can't have someone falling off a building or someone falling through a glass ceiling, I need to improvise. Does anyone wish to do overly dramatic death scenes much like those in the live action movies? That means you can go crazy with the heart attacks and make them drawn out or convulse like crazy or whatever. Since I only need two in the video, I will have the most serious ones there, but I plan to put death scenes and bloopers in the credits and the video I will make of just bloopers and unused footage.

Also, I'd LOVE if I could have a ton of L's die. So...any L cosplayers want to die for me? You can do other footage of L if you wish, but I want to write down L's name a lot, lol.

Anyone want to participate?