December 3rd, 2009


For any fans of Death Note and Shakespeare

I recently completed an informal essay comparing and contrasting elements of Death Note with elements of Shakespeare's Macbeth.

This is a piece that has been a year and a half in the making, or rather a year or so in the considering and a few weeks in the making. I did this purely for my own interest; I am not a student now but my English major instincts were tickling.

I have been a huge fan of Shakespeare's Macbeth since High School. After becoming a fan of Death Note I started noticing a lot of similarities between the two pieces and many of the contrasts seemed to be almost parallel. A few weeks ago I started writing this and it came together pretty quickly.

This is my perspective on how the two can be compared. I welcome other points of view if delivered in a constructive manner.

The Rabble’s Curse: Ambition and Supernatural Charms in “Macbeth” and “Death Note”

Civil feedback and discussion welcome.

Fanfiction: L Lawliet (Prologue)

Title: L Lawliet
Rating: PG-13 (subject to change)
Warnings: excessive long-winded-ness, (not for prologue) possible weirdness and incoherency, unusual opinions, probable mind-fucking, moderately likely violence and/or general morbidity. More warnings may be added in the future.
Pairings: undecided
Disclaimer: *disclaiming*
Chapter: prologue, or the little blurb that the author wrote because she was bored.
Description: this is (will be) a story centered around L. More detailed description (*cough*ridiculouslylongexplanation*cough*) available inside.


(First post to this community, probably slightly overdue. Hi, everyone.)

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