December 5th, 2009

behold dah sexy geass!

Selling: Death Note Clear Files, Straps, L Tie, and Other Merc; Great Gifts for the Holidays!

Hello! Selling DN goodies. The notebooks/notebook sets are sold out, but there is still lots of other stuff left =)

EXAMPLES of some of the goodies (pic sizes reduced so they don't stretch out your journal pages ;D!)



DEATH NOTE CLEAR FILE (One shown, two types available)

L TIE (New in box!)

DEATH NOTE STRAP (One shown, two types available)

PAYMENT: Money goes towards my not-so-cheap tuition, and is accepted via Paypal or money order, although Paypal is always preferred. Place an order via the site for easy checkout.

SHIPPING: CHEAP SHIPPING!! USPS First Class is around $2-$3 (ex. Keychains usually ship for approx. $2.50), Priority starts with $5.00. Heavy or delicate items usually go Priority. Shipping includes the actual shipping charges and the packaging materials..

*****The shop will be temporarily closed from Dec. 16-Dec. 29 for vacation/spending time with family. Orders must be placed before the 16th to be shipped out by the 16th, or they will be shipped after the 29th. Orders usually ship out around 2 days after payment is received.

THANK YOU! =) If you have questions, feel free to contact me and send me a message via LJ.

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