December 8th, 2009


Hey L fans.

Just curious and I just spammed my f-list already with this.

But who caught Alessandro Juliani in Alice over the weekend?

Anyway the real reason I spam the comm with this none-sense is to bring information on my doujinshi comm.

dn_dj_search I hope for affiliation with Death_Note comm.

This community is designed for those searching for doujins and sharing your finds. I made this last year during our hunt for the Holy grail doujinshi. After being denied the doujinshi we all were looking for.

Membership is moderated due to the content.

I am looking for maintainers for the comm so let me know if you want in.
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For Sale! Death Note Vol. 13: How To Read Box Set

I'm selling Death Note: How to Read Box Set which contains Vol. 13: How To Read Book itself, replicas of Near's little figurines (L, Kira, Near, Mello, and Misa), and the dioramas which portray the location of the final showdown and Near playing with his figurines. You can find the scans and photos under the cut.

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Click here for Death Note: How To Read Box Set Page in Shueisha Index.
The goods are opened but they are still in very good condition. I'm asking for 65 USD due to the rarity of the item. Price is negotiable. I accept atm/bank transfer for Malaysian buyers. Meet-up and COD are available for Malaysian buyers residing in/around KL areas. Otherwise, I only accept payment through Paypal. Postage and Paypal processing fee will be entirely shouldered by the buyer. I'm offering two modes of shipment: registered air parcel (economy service; delivery in 7-30 days depending on the country) and EMS (including 10% fuel surcharge and handling fee; delivery in 2-5 days depending on the country). Choose the delivery service that fits your bill =). If interested, leave a comment here or contact me here: Please let me know where you're living, so that I can look up the shipping cost and estimated delivery time for you. I'll ship the item 1-2 days after receiving cleared payment.