December 13th, 2009

Nao Approved!

For Sale: Stocking~

Hi there! I have a Death Note stocking that I've never used, and as it's the holiday season, I figure someone else might like it more then me, so I'm selling it:


Looking for $7 for it, or make an offer, I'd just like it to have a good home. x3
Mello impulsive

Happy birthday, Mello! (Fanart + manga)

Happy 20th birthday, Mello! Here is my contribution for him in such a special day. I drew a fanart, and if you scroll down a lot you'll find a short manga. Please be warned that the manga is Mello x Near, R-15 to be safe (also, please read it in Japanese direction if you decide to give it a try). If you just wish to see the fanart and not the manga, you don't have to worry because the latter is very at the bottom, so not scrolling down will suffice.

My present for Mello here ♥