December 18th, 2009


Kira Speech Cosplay Video

If this is not allowed, please delete.

THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT! It is NOT the finished product by any means! That is why the sound is not the best and the video quality is not the best it could be and my eyes are not red at the right parts and there are no names in the credits! One day I will post up the finished one, but I've been so busy with IRL things at the moment that I simply haven't had the time to work on it. So, for now, you guys get this rough draft video as well as some blooper footage.

If anyone wishes to contribute some flashback scenes so I can replace those clips from the movie with cosplay stuff, then please contact me!

This video was made for a Japanese project. The assignment was to do some sort of oral presentation in Japanese. Most people did karaoke, some did poetry/story readings and some did skits. I chose to re-enact Light's speech from episode 37 (cuz it's fuckin' awesome!) as I already had part of it memorized from watching it enough times. My Japanese teacher was a fan of Death Note as well so he wanted to help with my project. I am wearing his suit in the scenes of the speech as, apparently, his suit fit me perfectly with my binding on (freaked me out and made me happy at the same time). My teacher is also the Japanese criminal that died in the flashbacks.

Just so everyone knows, I am only in Japanese 1. Therefore, I am not fluent by any means! I'm sure the fluent speakers can pick out my mistakes supremely easily, and I'm sure I messed up in some places without realizing I even had messed up. I apologize in advance for any fluent speakers who watch this and get annoyed by that. I know I would...