December 21st, 2009

L & Light

Alessandro Juliani Audio Interview

Ok, so I searched and wasn't able to find this here. Just wanted to share it with English L fans.

Trevor Devall is the English voice of Aizawa from the anime dub. He has his own website where he interviews fellow voice actors in podcasts. I found a recent one for Alessandro Juliani (voice actor for L). You can stream or download the file.

The podcast is an hour and 17 minutes, and of course it's not only about his anime roles. But about 24 minutes in he talks about L. Then there are some weird parody commercials and later they do fan questions (46:20). Most of them are about L.

The tone of the thing is very laid back and silly. Both guys have a great sense of humor. They kid around and slip on these different accents. It's fun to listen to if you have the time and are interested in AJ, or his thoughts on L.

Finally, if you search that site you can find interviews with other Death Note voice actors. Enjoy! :)