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How to Read, Vol 2. - Character Profiles

Character profiles from How to Read, Vol. 2. Again, read at your own risk - spoilers included.

Character profile #4

Misora Naomi
[Kanji are “south/warm southerly breeze” and “skies”; first name is written all in katakana.]
Caption: The former FBI investigator who has vowed to get her revenge on Kira!
Summary: The fiancée of Raye Penbar, an FBI investigator who was murdered by Kira. She had the valuable clue that “Kira can kill by other means than just heart attacks”, but in the end…

Comments from Obata-sensei: I created her with the image of “cool, older lady” in mind. Since I hadn’t done any characters like her until that point, she was extremely fun to draw.

Small insert: Naomi hugging Raye and looking happy.
Caption: A snapshot with Penbar. Such happy days will not come again.

Personal Data:
Birthdate: 2/11/1976
Height: 171cm/5’7”
Weight: 46kg/101.2 pounds
Blood type: A
T/N: The stats are displayed web format. Starting from 12 o’clock position and moving clockwise, they are:
Knowledge: 7/10
Inventiveness: 8/10
Mental abilities: 9/10
Happiness/luck*: 0/10
Sociability: 6/10
Plan execution: 7/10
* This field is different for each character.

Character profile #5
Amane Misa
[Kanji are “broad/spanning out over a large area”; “ocean” and “sand”.]
Caption: The other Kira, who has the eyes of the Reaper!
Summary: The young girl who appeared on the scene as the second Kira. On the surface, she’s a model for teen magazines, but underneath she’s using a Death Note in order to meet the real Kira. And since she possesses the Reaper’s Sight, her killing power actually exceeds Light’s!

Comments from Obata-sensei: This is the character who changed the most drastically over the course of the story. She’s one of the most enjoyable characters to draw, but I’m a little afraid of what she’ll turn into next…

Small insert: Misa giving Light her Death Note.
Caption: In order to win Light’s trust, she offers him her Death Note!

Personal Data:
Birthdate: 12/25/1984
Height: 152cm/5’
Weight: 36kg/79.2 pounds
Blood type: AB
T/N: The stats are displayed web format. Starting from 12 o’clock position and moving clockwise, they are:
Knowledge: 3/10
Inventiveness: 4/10
Mental abilities: 6/10
Charm*: 10/10
Sociability: 10/10
Plan execution: 10/10
* This field is different for each character.

[Edit: Okay, so we've established that the weights are theoretically physically possible, yadda yadda. I'll crawl back in my hole and not express my amazement anymore. Yeesh. ~.~]

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