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How to Read, Vol. 3 - Character Profile

I’m going to try and get the last part of the Ohba interview done either tonight or tomorrow, since everyone seems to be wanting it. In the meantime, have another chara profile:

T/N: I call foul play on this one, by the way. Why are we getting Sayu’s chara profile ahead of say, Matsuda and the rest of the investigative team? :P

Character profile # 7

Yagami Sayu
[Kanji are ‘night’, ‘deity’, and ‘well attired’ ‘ample/rich’]
Caption: Sunny and adorable…and a little ditzy as well?

Illustration: Insert of Sayu smiling and waving.
Caption: For Sayu, relationships and idols are more important than the Kira investigation.

Summary: Light’s younger sister, a third year middle school student. She’s not too good at schoolwork, and runs to her star pupil of a brother whenever she runs into something she doesn’t get. A cheerful, regular girl, she doesn’t seem to care too much about the Kira case.

A picture of Sayu, looking cute.

Comments from Obata-sensei: Sayu’s smiley, charming character stands in stark contrast to her cool and composed older brother. Since she rarely shows up, there’s a lot of variation in how I draw her.

Personal Data:
Birthdate: 6/18/1989
Height: 147cm/4’10”
Weight: 38kg/83.6 pounds
Blood type: O
T/N: The stats are displayed web format. Starting from 12 o’clock position and moving clockwise, they are:
Knowledge: 3/10
Inventiveness: 4/10
Mental abilities: 4/10
Affection for her older brother**: 9/10
Social skills: 8/10
Plan execution: 3/10

** This field is different for each character.

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