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Any Harry Potter fans in the house?

Me and noesumeragi got talking in a HP-related post about DN.

So here's a fic idea anyone of you DN ficwriters can snatch and use, if you so wish:

Death Note/Harry Potter AU/crossover
Where Raito is Harry, L is Ron and Misa is Hermione. Oh, and Ryuuk is Hagrid. Because that's just hilarious. XD

Matsuda could be Neville. He fits the role. He'd be the only one to fit the role, though.

I was thinking this'd be like a version of DN that goes almost exactly like the plot of the first Harry Potter book does.

I know this is utter crack & very silly, but hell, it could work if someone was to write it well enough.

Yeah, I haven't slept enough, I know. x_x
Off I go.

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