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brilliant luck - request for material

Hello! My name is Wingdance, and I'm collecting material for a fanzine I'm creating called 'Brilliant Luck'. The first issue is going to cover anime, manga, webcomics, and videogames that fall under the genre of Psychological/Suspense. Since Death Note is one of my favorite manga, I'd like to have material related to it.

The kind of things that would go into the fanzine would be icons, wallpapers, fanfiction, fanart, reviews, and articles discussing certain aspects of the manga. You can talk about what you think will happen next, or about the complex relationship that Raito and L have. If something gets accepted into the 'zine, it may be edited, but if this happens, it will always be sent back for your approval before being put in the 'zine.

My only request is that you only send in new material that has not been put on the internet before, and that you wait until the 'zine has been out for thirty days before publishing the work somewhere else.

A fanzine, for those of you who don't know, is a non-profit magazine that contains media, reviews, fanfiction, and all kinds of other things pertaining to certain subjects. In this case, Brilliant Luck tries to cover the best in anime, manga, video games, and webcomics, while staying within a different theme every issue.

Since I'm currently accepting material related to Psychological/Suspense, material related to things other than Death Note is welcome. Material that falls under genres other than Psychological/Suspense is also welcome, although you must keep in mind that it can't be published until Brilliant Luck publishes and it's been out for at least thirty days.

Even if you don't want to submit to the magazine, you can subscribe by writing an e-mail to brilliantluck@gmail.com with 'SUBSCRIBE' in the header.

Comments and questions are welcome. Thank you very much.

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