harry mason (philalethia) wrote in death_note,
harry mason


Title: Strange Bedfellows
Pairing: Raito/L
Rating: hard R
Warnings: masturbation

Jerking off is difficult when you’re in handcuffs. This is one of the things that Raito never thought he would learn, but he does.

He spends the first 10 minutes trying to be quiet, trying to keep the chain as silent and unmoving as possible. But after that, with his eyes closed and his hand warm and tight around his cock, Raito starts to forget the metal encircling his wrist, and when he remembers again, it is too late to care: L has surely figured it out already.

Raito never opens his eyes to check, though.

By now he doesn’t even really have to, because he can see L just as clearly as if he were actually looking.

L perched on the bed, behind his laptop screen, his thumb in his mouth, raccoon eyes wide and unblinking, staring, following Raito’s every move beneath the covers.

Raito grips the sheets with his manacled hand and fists his cock with the other, his hips lifting, thrusting, his top teeth gnawing painfully at his bottom lip, and when his eyes reopen, he almost doesn’t notice but then he does.

It is L’s forefinger, not his thumb, in his mouth, but his eyes are still wide, open, dark and all-seeing.

Raito gets a flash, suddenly, of a notebook and a name, and L clutching his chest and mouthing silent pleas as he dies.

And then he is coming, his teeth drawing blood, his fingers tightening around his cock, his tongue at the roof of his mouth, a single English letter just behind it.

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