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Umm okay, this is the second attempt at Light/Misa/L... let's see how it goes...
title- The Middle
rating- hmm. pg-13?

Misa didn't like being in the middle. When she was in the middle, she had to lie on that cursed chain. She had tried every position, every possible arrangement of herself and the chain, but nothing was comfortable.

Then again, she didn't take too much to sleeping on one of the sides either. Not that she had a problem with sleeping next to either one of them, nor was she partial to one or the other. It also wasn't that she mistrusted her two companions. She actually rather enjoyed the times when she would sneak in, find them already asleep and squeeze her way in between them. She just enjoyed the secure feeling of having two bodies around her, even if one was a creepy-eyed investigator and the other a certified psychopathic killer.

Misa had forged quite a relationship with the two boys- and the two with each other. Three relatively young people stuck in a building for an undetermined amount of time were bound to come together eventually. These three decided that the best thing to do to keep sane and maintain a 'professional' attitude was to sleep together. But only on the weekends when it was just Misa, Light-kun, Ryuzaki and the mysterious computer man Ryuzaki talked to. That way, none of the other investigators would get entirely the wrong idea.

Misa certainly had. She had tried many times to initiate a little 'foul play' between the three of them- unsuccessfully. She'd gotten in significant amounts of kissing with the two of them, and even coerced the to into locking lips with each other; something all three were surprised to find they enjoyed very much. Kissing, touching, giggling, and various other juvenile verbs could be used to describe the weekends' activities. But nothing quite as satisfying as what the cute blonde had in mind.

"Light-kun?" she asked one evening.

"Hmm?" he responded. She answered back by kissing him, sweetly on the lips.

"Can we do something fun tonight?"

"I dunno. Let's ask Ryuzaki." he said. Ryuzaki was across the room, occupied with some kind of document, or whatever it was he stored on his laptop. Light pulled on the chain, reeling in the investigator until he fell upon the bed on which Light and Misa were already perched.

"Can I help you?" Ryuzaki asked coolly. Misa crawled over and swung one leg over Ryuzaki's body, effectively straddling him. She lowered her face to his.

"I want to have fun this weekend, but Light-kun says I need your permission." she said with a cute, low voice.


"I meant," Light interrupted, positioning himself behind Misa and leaning over, pressing her into Ryuzaki's chest, "That it was ok with me if it was ok with Ryuzaki." Misa grinned and started to kiss the boy underneath her. The boy above her began to kiss the space behind her ears. It was very warm with them around her. And this way, she could be in between them without that chain getting in the way.

Just kinda no plot silliness with... undertones?

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