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And the DNsmut Fest continues!

Final sequel to the DNsmut Saga ^_^;

WARNING: NOT recommended for readers who are uncomfortable with: random OOCness, foul language, explicit and disturbing sexual content!

Ah yes, the notorious DK who created a controversy a while ago, is now back ^_^;

Part 3: Behind The Reaper’s Eyes


If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 yet, here they are:

Part 1: Searching The Reaper
Part 2: Reapers Don’t Tell

If you enjoy DNsmut/yaoi, then this is my present for you, specially dedicated to all the readers of parts 1 and 2 =) This fic is also dedicated to everyone in the comm who have read, revised and supported me all this time. Thanks soooo much for reading! *hugs* You guys rock! Sorry for the wait. Special credits to shinkouyume machi_sama reapersun okobi alita_b_angel diwan_sama haganeno901 darashinai And everyone who read and commented! *bows*

I don’t just do fics, I do fanarts too =P The first 2 pics are my imagination of human version of Ryuk and Rem. I want to make Rem a effeminate guy. And Ryuuk a glam rock star ^^;
The last 2 pics are me having fun with dressing up Raito and L. To me L would totally pull off the punk-rock look perfectly. While Raito is kinda urban casual-ish. PLEASE NOTE: I have NEVER EVER used Photoshop before and am totally CG-blind. So please be patient ^_^ I’m an old-fashioned pencil-and-paper sketchy person ^^;

Ryuk and Rem
Ryuk and Rem again
Raito and Ryuuzaki
Raito and Ryuuzaki again

What would Rem and Ryuuk look like in human form? What would Raito and L fashion labels look like? Feel free to take a peek

Responses/comments, and I will worship you forever =)

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