the_pixelized (the_pixelized) wrote in death_note,

Let's play the Pretend-We're-At-4Chan game and have a picture flood [ie, posting lots of pictures in various threads, in case you're not familiar with 4chan for some reason..]. Now, not just any old picture flood, but a flood of other anime/manga [let's keep it fictional, eh?] characters who remind you of Death Note characters.

I'll get us started. :D

Fooor Raito..

Not just looks-wise, but when he's acting all arrogant, he reminds me of lil ol' Raito, also. XD

Fooor L..
Faust [..i think..? it took me so long to find a picture because i didn't know his name, having only ever seen him in the game and they don't speak a lot of english in that game. haha.]:

The eyes. You know it.

Okay, flood away. [rhyming makes me feel like a big person.]

WARNING: Some images may not be work safe. I mean, it's based on 4chan, afterall.

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