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How to Read, Part 4 - Obata Interview

More of the "How to Read" series. I'll finish up by posting the extras about the Reapers and the last of the chara profiles, and if anyone is really that interested in the timeline recap let me know. There are some interspersed author's comments that I thought were somewhat interesting, but the vast majority of that section is just a review of the series to date.

Special Interview, Takeshi Obata (Latter Part)
Caption: Obata-sensei gives us a sneak preview of part two!

The main characters, four years from now!
In last week’s interview with Ohba Tsugumi-sensei, it was revealed that part two is set four years after the end of the first part (L’s death). During that interval, how have Light, Misa, and the other characters changed? For this last installment of “Death Note: How to Read”, we give you sneak previews of what everyone’s dying to know – how the characters have matured. We got Obata-sensei to give us sketches, and tell us the stories behind the coming story.

Part One (Recap)
Illustration: Light having yet more delusions of grandeur.
Caption: Did Light’s determination to become “the god of the new world” become even stronger because of his fight to the death with L…?!

Illustration: Light reuniting with Ryuuk after regaining his memories.
Caption: Since regaining his memory, Light’s brilliance only keeps shining stronger. Is there no one who can stop him?

From here we get a bunch of rough sketches of various characters, along with some information and author’s comments. Not surprisingly, the first one up is…Light :D

Part 2
Sketch of a slightly more mature-looking Light. (Still damn creepy eyes, though.)

Kira, alive and going strong!
Yagami Light

Summary: The fiendishly intelligent man who found a Death Note and is on a killing spree to become “the god of the new world”. At the start of the second part, he has entered the police force, and is also working in L’s stead on the Kira investigation (his own case). Has he eliminated all the competition?!

Obata-sensei’s Comments: Although part two is set four years later, Light hasn’t changed. He’s a person who’s very solid in his beliefs; very unshakeable attitude.

Page 4
Title (spreads over both pages): The veil is lifted! The main characters, as they appear four years from now!

Part one (recap)
Illustration: Light kissing Misa
Illustration: Misa handing Light her Death Note and asking him to make her his girlfriend.

Part two
Sketch of Misa. Her hair is a little less wild and her overall look is more refined.
Amane Misa
Summary: Whole-heartedly devoted to Light, this young woman would do anything for him. Her modeling career has come to fruition, and she’s making waves as a top idol…but secretly she’s assisting Light, as the second Kira with the Reaper’s Sight.

Obata-sensei’s Comments: Since I was told she was going to become a big-name idol, I had her graduate from the garish Goth Lolita style she was wearing into something more refined, more like a proper actress. I even thought about kimonos and the like, but…that got away from her main image, so I abandoned the idea.

Part one (recap):
Illustration: Sayu pleading with her father, asking him to give up the Kira investigation.
Illustration: Sayu, ribbing her brother.

Part two
Sketch of Sayu, who has turned into a very beautiful woman. *_* (And you can actually see the family resemblance between her and Light now.)

Yagami Sayu
Caption: Light’s little sister, who used to be a little on the ditzy side. When we last saw her she was still an innocent little middle schooler, but in the second part she’s starting college – and has turned into a total knockout! She seems to have an aloof air about her, now…will she still be the same energetic girl we remember?

Obata-sensei’s Comments: She was right about that age when we left off, so this is the character who’s really changed the most from the end of part one. As far as her personality goes…well, she is growing up, you know? I’m looking forward to her first appearance.

Page 5
Part one (recap)
Illustration: Light’s dad, freaking out at Light.
Illustration: Light’s dad, talking about how they all might die tomorrow.

Part two
Sketch of Light’s dad…looking like Light’s dad :-/ I mean, he’s really about the same to me. But YMMV.

Yagami Soichiro
Caption: You get the sense that he’s started to get on in years, but he’s still got plenty of fire burning for investigative work! Along with the subordinates who struggled with him to the bitter end of part one, he burns with the desire to bring Kira to justice!

Obata-sensei’s Comments: He’s been embroiled in the Kira case for so long that he’s prematurely aged. Of course, I’m sure he’ll still be out on the frontlines, working like the devil.

Part one (recap)
Illustration: Mogi walking away from the investigation team, looking strangely stiff.

Part two
Sketch of Mogi, a little bit trimmer.

Part one (recap)
Illustration: Aizawa, getting upset at the rampant silliness that is Light-chained-to-L-but-on-a-date-with-Misa.

Part two
Sketch of Aizawa, looking sort of like he’s found the pounds Mogi lost :D Also, he has beard stubble now.

Part one (recap)
Illustration: Matsuda actually gets to explain something for once!

Part two
Sketch: Matsuda looking (gasp) mature and confident! Oh nos, woe are the fangirls :(

Caption: Aizawa and all the members of the investigation squad are all planned to show up in part two as well. Although they don’t have the brains that Light does, might they come up with more surprises like Matsuda did during the Yotsuba arc?

Obata-sensei’s Comments: As far as the changes to Matsuda and Aizawa go, I wanted them to really show these past four years. Matsuda has turned over a new leaf, so to speak, and isn’t so much of a kid anymore; Aizawa’s gained more presence. Mogi didn’t really change, though.

Special insert (spans both pages)
Obata-sensei’s Picks
1. Favorite Reaper?
I feel strongly for all of the Reapers, but I especially enjoy Miidora. I like him so much, actually, that I even drew a large version of him into the poster in volume 14! Also, I like Armonia Justin Beyondormason. His motif is Tibetian bone ornaments, and I love the gorgeous feeling you get from him. *

* T/N: The pullout for this issue had a list with drawings of some of the other shinigami we’ve seen. These are some of them. I’ll translate that when I have more time.

Illustration: Picture of Miidora (creepy dead baby/slug looking thing)

2. Easiest character to draw? Most difficult character to draw?
Light’s father is the easiest character to draw. Older characters like him are easy to draw. On the other hand, Misa, who has a lot of facial expressions that change as she speaks, is very difficult to draw. Particularly in the end stages of part one, she flip-flopped between serious and gag expressions a lot, and I had a hard time keeping up with it.
Illustration: Misa makes a face at L.

3. Colors associated with each character?
Light’s color is the absence of color, that is, clear transparency. L is gold, and Misa is pink and black, a variety of combinations. Ryuuk is black, and Rem is white in contrast. If I assign each of them a scheme like this, it makes setting up the color pages easier.

Illustration: Small thumbs recap all the sketches we’ve seen so far.

Next issue, they finally spring into action! Death Note, Part 2, takes off next week!


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